About Malawi Institution of Engineers

Malawi Institution of Engineers was formed in 1998 to form a voice, a platform and a centre for information and technological knowledge sharing for engineers and technicians practicing in Malawi

In the years from 2010 to date, there has been discussions to extend the functions of the institution to include professional registering and disciplinary authority of the profession. These functions are currently undertaken by the Malawi Board of Engineers (BoE) , which was formed under the Engineers Act (Cap. 53:03).

Legal instruments to enable that change have been drafted and are being reviewed by the relevant authorities. In readiness for that change, the MIE and the BoE are currently working together in various areas.

The MIE aims at reaching out to the people and the government to make them aware of the importance of engineering to the nation's wealth and the standard of living of the people. This will bring about an atmosphere that ensures a positive attitude towards engineers and those who aspire to become engineers. The MIE shall strive to have international links with other engineering institutions, so that technology transfer is maintained.