Getting the summer feels with fun colors wall-painting for cinder blocks

11 Beautiful Cinder Block Wall Painting Ideas to Get You Stunned

Choosing cinder blocks is a potential option if you want some rawness in your house. Cinder blocks usually have a light to medium texture on their surface, making them different from polished concrete.

The composition-wise, cinder blocks are lighter in weight. It also has great durability that can last for decades.

It doesn’t matter whether you want it as an accent inside the house or as the major element in your garden. It is because cinder blocks offer the same roughness and the same attractiveness at the same time.

Beautiful Cinder Block Wall Painting Ideas to Get You Stunned

The good news is that it doesn’t stop there! This material can do more than its original appearance, without a doubt!

We are trying to say that wall painting is your way out! This method is the easiest and cheapest you can do since paint is the only thing you need.

It seems like a small thing to do, but with the right shade of color—whether it’s the bright white, the elegant gray, the fresh lime green, or maybe a mixture of two or more—wall painting can do wonders!

You can also do basic things like making rectangular shapes on some spots, blocking all the cinder blocks with one color, or perhaps getting creative with flowers or plant painting. Thus, you can fulfill your sense of art instantly!

Are you now curious or maybe a little confused? Don’t worry! This time, this is what we are going to dig deep into. Here, we have curated some ideas regarding wall painting that can be your cheat sheet.

Whether you want it simple or full of color, just please scroll down! Perhaps you will find the one that suits your style.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. White Wall Painting for Cinder Blocks, Looking Rustic and Sophisticated

The rustic and sophisticated cinder blocks with the white wall painting
[The rustic and sophisticated cinder blocks with the white wall painting. ©]

Let’s start with the strong appearance! It might be only one color, but it already rules the cinder blocks.

Painting the walls white is very common and can be easily found everywhere. It’s simply because white is considered ‘the classic’ that will never go out of style.

Of course, this can also be applied to the stacks of cinder blocks. As you can see in the picture above, white paint still lights up the room nicely because of its charm for showing its bright side.

What makes it more interesting here is the method of applying the paint. Try to randomly roll it all over the direction, and don’t make the layer too thick.

Once it’s dried completely, all you get is the rustic and industrial cinder blocks because of the sporadic wall painting. Also, with the texture on the surface, these combinations appear very raw and sophisticated.

This way, the wall’s white paint is not too bland. It stays neutral so that it still becomes the perfect background for the furniture in the room.

Overall, neutral white wall painting for cinder blocks can look rustic and be more than neutral!

2. Exposed Brick with Unfinished Touch, A Farmhouse Look in Cinder Block Wall Painting

A farmhouse looks in cinder block wall painting with exposed bricks and unfinished touch
[A farmhouse looks in cinder block wall painting with exposed bricks and unfinished touch. ©]

Are you tired of your worn-out cinder block walls? We know it can be annoying sometimes because the beauty of it is no longer present in the room.

And getting away from the outdated cinder blocks is easy. Just consider applying the German Smear method to it.

You need to spread this white thing called mortar all over the surface, then remove some of it that seem too thick before it dries out.

By then, you will get the white wall painting that doesn’t wrap it up completely, creating a stunning unfinished touch. This has become its own charm for showing some parts of these cinder blocks.

And the exposed cinder blocks give off the vibe of a farmhouse because this style of the house relies on using materials that show off its natural elements.

And exposing the appearance also means exposing the raw and rough texture of the cinder blocks themselves. This, of course, aligns with what a farmhouse is all about. It gets the natural look even more.

In the end, German smearing, like an unfinished wall painting, can be the solution for your old cinder blocks and even bring about a whole new vibe to a farmhouse.

3. Playing with Colors, A Cheerful Wall Painting Idea for Cinder Blocks

A cheerful wall painting idea for cinder blocks with multiple colors
[A cheerful wall painting idea for cinder blocks with multiple colors. ©]

If you are bored with a single tone or a monochromatic scene, this idea is made for you! Who says you can only pick blue, red, or terracotta colors? While in fact, they can appear beautifully in one frame!

As you can see in the picture above, these three colors on the cinder block wall complement each other.

The muted blue paint on the left plays as the calm maker of the cinder blocks. It also makes the surroundings more peaceful and serene.

The reddish color creates a vibrant and bold look. Red tends to radiate its colors directly to the eyes, so wall painting is suitable for creating a cheerful vibe in one strike.

Also, the fake brick painting on the surface makes such an interesting accent to the cinder block, which is a plus.

Then, the terracotta paint makes the cinder block look more earthy and grounded. The presence of this color side to side with the red paint balances each other as the dim and the bright.

Putting these multiple bright yet muted colors together creates an interesting dynamic between a cheerful and a tranquil feeling. And with the brick painting, it lives up to the cinder blocks even more!

4. Getting All Elegant with Dark Gray Wall Painting for Cinder Blocks

Dark gray wall painting to get elegant cinder blocks
[Dark gray wall painting to get elegant cinder blocks. © @habitatbyresene]

You can never doubt the power of dark gray! This is a fact that we have to hold onto always and forever.

If you want it as dark as a hollow, yet there’s still the presence of light in it, a dark gray wall painting is the way to go!

As you can see in the picture above, applying this dark gray to the cinder blocks creates an elegant look for the backyard.

Dark gray stands between the gloomy dark and the brightest bright. So, it creates a deep look at the cinder blocks and keeps them firm simultaneously.

Dark gray paint is also known for being neutral, which is a suitable background for this backyard case. This is because the green plants can stand out more, so it freshens up the gloomy vibes.

The other advantage of painting your cinder blocks with dark gray is that this color is adaptable to types of furniture and materials and can even get along with different colors.

The picture shows the presence of a metal and wood dining set, supporting the elegant vibe nicely. Overall, this dark gray color will work perfectly with whatever look you want for the cinder blocks.

5. Lime-green Wall Painting for The Cinder Blocks to Freshen Up the Backyard

A fresh backyard with lime green wall-painting for the cinder blocks
[A fresh backyard with lime green wall-painting for the cinder blocks. ©]

A fresh look is not limited only by the presence of various plants. You can get it easily by painting the cinder blocks in your backyard a lime-green color.

Lime green is called that way because it resembles the skin of citrus fruits. And we all know how fresh citrus tastes. So, putting this color on the cinder blocks will create the same effect.

This particular shade is associated with nature, also known as what plants are all about. So, applying this lime green paint can also bring fresh nature to your backyard.

Since this color appears brighter than the actual plants, you can still put some of the real ones to live up to the look completely.

And not to forget, the raw surface of the cinder blocks also supports the idea of nature. The brown-painted cinder blocks are on the left side of the picture.

Adding this color to the scene is an interesting move because it will not make the whole wall become monotone.

The brown cinder blocks easily match the lime green ones, just like how trees look with stems and leaves in one figure.

Ultimately, creating a fresh backyard with a natural touch can be achieved by painting your cinder blocks lime green and a little bit brown.

6. Earth Tone Wall Painting for the Calming Cinder Blocks

The calming cinder blocks with earth tone wall painting
[The calming cinder blocks with earth tone wall painting
. ©]

Some say earth tones are the new neutrals. It has become the talk of the town for a few years now because of its charm.

Just like in the picture shown above, it proves how this tone is a match for most anything, even for outdoor use, just like painting these stacks of cinder blocks.

There are a lot of shades of this tone, but the main characteristic is that they often have a brown element in them. And if you want to recreate the appearance of the cinder blocks above, all you need is beige, sand, rust, and umber—from the lightest to the darkest, respectively.

Beige paint plays as the neutral color among the other colors. Sand painting is for giving a bit of dirt but in a good way. It gets darker with the rust paint to create a moody vibe. And the amber color is the boldest of them all.

Together, they create such a balanced look on the cinder blocks. They also radiate calm and comfort since earth tones are known for this purpose.

Another trick is to paint each earth tone on the cinder blocks at random moves without rules, making the whole wall more interesting and far from boring.

Overall, painting the cinder blocks in earth tones is a perfect option when you want some warmth in one part of your house.

7. Getting Summer Feels with Fun Colors Cinder Blocks Wall Painting

Getting the summer feels with fun colors wall-painting for cinder blocks
[Getting the summer feels with fun colors wall-painting for cinder blocks. ©]

Summer only happens once a year. But you can always live it up as if it happened all year round.

And the trick is to bring all the vibes and feelings to the backyard of your house. As you can see in the picture above, painting your cinder blocks with bright and fun colors is the easiest and simplest way to get the summer feels.

Some paintings belong to this category. But, don’t worry! It is our job to serve it to you.

First thing first, let your cinder blocks have their natural look. Paint it with the sand color, so it enables you to get the beach vibe, which is mostly what summer is mostly about.

Zooming in the orange bright yellow white and coastal blue wall painting creates the summer feels in cinder blocks
[Zooming in: the orange, bright yellow, white, and coastal blue wall painting creates the summer feels in cinder blocks. ©]

Next, it’s now about the fun part. All you need is a little orange to make the cinder block look vibrant. Then, add some coastal blue paint to give off some energy and feel like the waves.

Add some yellow paint, which is known for being a happy and full of energy color. And last, white paint to brighten up the whole look of the cinder blocks.

These easy wall paintings, by combining fun and bright colors, can enhance boring cinder blocks beautifully. Now, summer is permanently present in your backyard!

8. White Plants Wall Painting for Cinder Blocks, The Simple yet Stylish

The simple yet stylish cinder blocks with the white plants wall painting
[The simple yet stylish cinder blocks with the white plants’ wall painting. ©]

Simple yet stylish is what we want the most. We want it to be effortless yet still look stunning. If you are bored with how unattractive your backyard is, there has always been a way to enhance it.

Your cinder blocks can be the fixer in this case. Sometimes the natural look of cinder blocks can be boring, but a wall painting method can make the whole look better and more attractive.

All you need is white paint and a small amount of creativity. Let the whole surface of cinder blocks be painted with the color of beige and some touches of white.

Beige gives off a slight warmth and relaxation, which is perfect for a backyard vibe. Also, this shade symbolizes simplicity, which supports the idea of being simple but stylish.

Picking up the white paint for the decoration on the cinder blocks is an interesting choice. White is used to make it look brighter yet stay neutral. White can be basic, but it can never go wrong with any kind of style you want.

Choosing to draw some plant shapes is also lovely and easy to do. It is an accent as if the real ones surround you.

Both beige and white belong to the neutral scheme, so pairing them together is not a problem. It creates a perfect background for the furniture and other things you put near the cinder blocks.

Overall, a simple yet stylish backyard can be achieved only with white and the shape of plants all over the cinder blocks!

9. Fuzzy Abstract Wall Painting for An Expressive Cinder Block

An expressive cinder block with the fuzzy and abstract wall painting
[An expressive cinder block with the fuzzy and abstract wall painting. ©]

If you have an artistic side running in your veins, you can consider creating an abstract painting of your cinder blocks.

One single solid color can appear unattractive. This is the reason why blending some colors as one can be the solution.

Here you need to choose the right colors. You can try painting the cinder blocks with shades of orange, blue, and red. Orange paint represents joy, so the cinder blocks appear brighter.

Blue paint is for moody feelings. This shade also balances the orange and the red paint, which seem very strong and bold.

You can swipe your brush in a slow but steady motion, so the colors spread nicely. Make sure you create an invincible border in your mind, so even with multiple colors involved, it doesn’t distract the whole look.

You can adjust which part you want to look sheer or bold to make it look fuzzy. The little spread of orange between the blue is interesting as if it represents every gloomy mood, and there is also a little presence of joy.

In the end, abstract painting can be done on a cinder block wall, which appears beautiful without a doubt!

10. Never Get Bored with Patterns, An Astonishing Cinder Blocks Wall Painting Idea

An astonishing wall painting idea for cinder blocks with various patterns
[An astonishing wall painting idea for cinder blocks with various patterns. ©]

If you’re bored with only one single color of paint, patterns are ready to be your answer. And if one pattern is not enough, combining various patterns side by side is the way to go!

Patterns have their own allure of looking maximized at all times. You can always choose any design that will make the cinder blocks look pretty.

Whether you want it abstract or geometrical with two or more colors, they will make the whole appearance of cinder blocks far from monotone and boring.

With the freedom to choose any kind of pattern, now you need something to lock them together and make them look united. The trick is simply to paint red lines for the border between the patterns.

Besides that function, red also gives a vibrant impression, which helps the whole look appear strong and catch our eyes directly.

One last thing to say is don’t get worried about mixing and matching multiple patterns in one big figure. This is a cheat sheet to make your cinder blocks look amazing and unique in their own way!

11. An Enhanced Garden with Flowers Wall Painting for Cinder Blocks

Flower wall painting for cinder blocks to get an enhanced garden
[Flower wall painting for cinder blocks to get an enhanced garden. ©]

Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden? In this last idea, we should go all pretty until the end.

We all know the garden is well known for its pretty flowers and other plants. This will undoubtedly be the focal point of your backyard.

But if you’re busy enough to take care of it, there’s another way to have it.

As you can see in the picture above, painting your cinder blocks with a whole plant of flowers and leaves could be your potential choice! Just choose red to paint the flowers and green for the leaves.

Red paint for the flowers is the symbol of beauty. You can’t deny the power of red to make the cinder blocks look gorgeous and even bold. And the green paint for the color of the leaves makes the cinder blocks look fresh and alive.

For the background of the plant painting, just choose white so it will not distract and even help it to look clean.

And with this presence of wall painting, it instantly enhances the look of your garden, as if it were a real thing you wanted to touch badly.

Cinder blocks can be used to create more than just a wall; they can also create the atmosphere of an actual garden in your backyard!


Have you found what you’re looking for? You can definitely apply those 11 wall painting ideas to the cinder blocks—from one solid color, like the bright white, the elegant gray, the fresh lime green, or a mixture of two or more colors, or even adding some shapes and patterns.

Every wall painting idea we’ve shown can be aligned with the theme on your mind. Whether you want a simple look, get creative with fuzzy abstract painting or expose the cinder blocks’ natural elements.

With the right shade of paint and creativity, you can make your cinder blocks look beautiful and attractive.

We’ve shared them with you, and now, it’s your turn to make over your cinder blocks with some touches to be more in your style!