A teenagers bedroom filled with soft green and gray furniture creating a fun vibe

12 Green and Gray Bedroom Ideas for a Perfectly Peaceful Resting Space

When we talk about colors for our bedroom, most people will choose only one dominant color because it is safe to use in any bedroom style. Have you ever thought of combining two colors, green and gray, to jazz up your bedroom?

We recommend you do so! Giving a touch of these colors in the form of the bedding set, wall, or furniture can make your bedroom look stylish yet comfortable. Green and gray are perfect colors to create a peaceful atmosphere that helps us rest well.

12 Green and Gray Bedroom Ideas for a Perfectly Peaceful Resting Space

Gray falls into the neutral colors category between black and white. Yet however, gray is dull if we only use it as it is. Pairing it with green, a color often associated with nature, gray will become more alive.

We have your back if you don’t know how alive your bedroom will be when these two colors are in it! Here are 12 green and gray bedroom ideas that will inspire you.

Let’s dive in!

1. Lively Soft Gray Wardrobe and Green Wall in a Contemporary Bedroom

Wall painted green and soft gray wardrobe in a lively contemporary bedroom
[wall painted green and soft gray wardrobe in a lively contemporary bedroom. © bevidut]

The first inspiration comes from this contemporary bedroom. With wood furniture and floor dominating the room, choosing to paint the wall green is a great idea.

Green, particularly cactus green, is a dark shade of green cyan in a medium capacity. This color is often associated with liveliness. Even when the shade goes darker, it won’t strip the liveliness away from this color.

The liveliness is enhanced if you get creative in designing your wall. Like the picture above, the wall isn’t painted only cactus green. Instead, a pale wood texture on the wall matches the wardrobe material on the right side of the room.

Yet there’s more to it than that. Giving a gray accent on the wood wardrobe is another way to make your bedroom look lively and lovely. The touch of soft gray in the wardrobe is not overwhelming because it looks calm and light.

Moreover, the bedroom’s color scheme looks consistent with the wood texture, the color green and gray. For instance, the bedding set, shelf, carpet, and tables are also colored in gray. The consistency and the characteristics of both colors enliven the ambiance of the contemporary bedroom.

2. Refreshing Vibe of Green Plants in Athens Gray Bedroom

A bedroom with athens gray wall and shades of gray bedroom items team up with the green plants
[A bedroom with Athens Gray wall and shades of gray bedroom items team up with the green plants. © ivimuse.com.au]

Moving on to the next idea, you should know that applying green to your bedroom doesn’t always come from furniture or walls. Bringing real nature to your bedroom is possible too.

A touch of real green plants in Athens’s gray bedroom creates an invigorating atmosphere. As a bonus, it is also visually pleasing to look at.

Athens gray is an unsaturated light blue that appears like the color of a pearl. This color itself already has a calming effect. Adding green plants gives a stronger effect and has health benefits.

Green plants act as natural air purifiers. Through its leaves, it absorbs harmful gases and cleans the air. Consequently, this leads to a better and more relaxing sleep.

Remember not to go overboard when putting green plants in your bedroom. One up to three green plants are enough. They can also act as pretty decorations so the Athens gray bedroom won’t be too pale and plain.

3. A Fancy Look of a Bedroom with Gray Bedding Set and Dark Green Carpet

Gray bed and pillows on top of dark green carpet in a fancy bedroom
[Gray bed and pillows on top of dark green carpet in a fancy bedroom. © annafedyukina]

After discussing the refreshing and vibrant shade of gray and green in the previous ideas, we offer you another alternative that falls into the darker shade of both colors.

Essentially, green radiates a relaxing vibe that makes you sleep and rest better. So, whatever green shade that you use doesn’t matter that much. But dark green does the magic if you aim for a sophisticated look.

The dark green carpet is fittingly placed under the dark gray bed. What makes it more appealing is that the color also matches the long sideboard behind the bed.

Therefore, we suggest picking another color for the bedding set to avoid getting overboard with green. In this case, let’s pick gray as it’s the best option to be paired with green.

You can do a little experiment by using several shades of gray to give more variety. It can vary from light gray for the pillowcases and the mattress to dark gray for the mattress foundation.

However, there’s one important thing to note when the main color of the bedroom is dark shades of green and gray: the lighting. You don’t want to make your room look gloomy for the lack of light. So, like the picture above, the clear-glass window will solve the problem. You can also choose dark green window trim for consistency. Because it’s clear glass, the greenery view outside can be a bonus.

4. A combination of Mint Green and Gray Wall to Create A Fresh and Unique Appeal to the Bedroom

A bedroom with a collection of mint green furniture a combination of mint green and gray walls and a gray bedding set
[A bedroom with a collection of mint green furniture, a combination of mint green and gray walls, and a gray bedding set. © imadepastel]

The inspiration this time is slightly different in a unique way. Obviously, two-tone walls for a bedroom already sound familiar to us, yet the trend hasn’t died down.

The two-tone wall is always in style no matter what year it is now. This design on your wall enhances the aesthetic that makes you feel cozy resting in your bedroom.

Commonly, a two-tone wall is achieved by dividing the wall using a chair rail and wainscoting horizontally, then painting the two parts of the wall with different colors. While it might be a good idea, there’s a better one worth considering. Take a look at the picture above.

The two-tone wall is achieved by dividing the wall diagonally with different colors for both wall parts, mint green and gray. The absence of chair rail and wainscotting unexpectedly makes the wall look artsy and aesthetic.

Choosing mint green that radiates a cheerful vibe, freshness, and lightness adds another point in creating a fresh and unique appeal. Therefore, we suggest you choose a neutral color like gray to paint the other part. This way, both colors work along perfectly.

5. A Tall Velvet Green Headboard and Velvet Couch in Gray Bedroom with the Gold Accent Wall Enhance the Luxurious Vibe

A green velvet furniture and Gray bedding set in a luxurious bedroom
[A green velvet furniture and Gray bedding set in a luxurious bedroom. © Julie Pashina]

When you have a master bedroom that has spacious space, aiming for a glamorous and luxurious look is probably the first thing that pops up in your mind.

If that’s so, we’re on the same page. The best appeal of a master bedroom is its luxury ambiance. For this reason, green and gray are your top option, especially when they’re paired with the right materials.

Velvet, for example, does this material have strong characteristics like soft, breathable, and comfortable, and velvet also becomes a versatile combination when paired with green. You can use the green velvet for your couch, headboard, or even pillows.

It won’t be fair if the green velvet furniture in the bedroom comes in a typical style. Therefore, tufted furniture can be your alternative. Like the headboard and the couch above, the tufted style creates more depth and elegance to the room.

There’s more if it’s not enough. Don’t let the gray wall appears as it is only. You can apply the gold decorative patterns on your wall to enhance the luxury vibe. All these elements work together perfectly in making your bedroom look luxurious.

6. Stylish Bedroom with Green Accent Obscure Glass and Gray furniture

Gray furniture in a stylish bedroom with green accent obscure glass
[Gray furniture in a stylish bedroom with green accent obscure glass. © kupinskiy.com]

We’ve only discussed bedrooms with green and gray colors in balance. If you have monochrome colors, like gray and white, for your bedroom, but you still want to add a touch of green to make it ‘pop,’ look at the picture above.

The green accent obscure glass amidst the gray bedroom is the first thing that steals our attention. Installing obscure glass on the bedroom wall for aesthetics is a bold and tricky move.

However, if it’s put in the perfect spot and paired with the right materials, this green accent wall becomes a focal point and creates a stylish look. For instance, put the green accent behind the bed and use rain patterned on the obscure glass.

Using gray for the furniture, like the carpet, hanging lamps, curtain, chair, and shelves, consistently helps to spotlight the green obscure glass accent wall. From this arrangement, you can make your bedroom look modernly stylish.

7. Matching Green Kelp Duvet in a Farmhouse-Style Bedroom with Gray Vertical Shiplap Interior

A green kelp duvet and Gray shiplap interior make a great combination
[A green kelp duvet and Gray shiplap interior make a great combination. © cedarandsuede.com.au]

Moving on to the next idea, we introduce you to a new bedroom style. A farmhouse-style bedroom is often associated with a shiplap wall. But do we need to always paint the shiplap wall brown as the wood color? We don’t think so.

As we all know, a farmhouse style is best known for its rustic elements. Several colors fall into the rustic color category; one is gray.

When you already have a wooden floor, painting the shiplap wall with gray is best to avoid excessive wooden elements. Additionally, you can choose vertical shiplap instead of horizontal ones. This gives a sense that your bedroom has tall ceilings.

As for the other things like the duvet, you can use another color in the rustic family, green. However, you must be careful when choosing the shade of green because you don’t want to add contrast by picking light green.

Pick a darker shade of green, like green kelp. Green kelp is a medium-dark shade of green. At a glance, this color appears like a dark shade of gray. For this reason, the rustic characteristics of the two colors become a good match and emphasize the farmhouse style of the bedroom.

8. Cheerful Teen Bedroom with Shades of Soft Green and Gray

A teenagers bedroom filled with soft green and gray furniture creating a fun vibe
[A teenager’s bedroom filled with soft green and gray furniture, creating a fun vibe. © circu.net]

Bringing fun and fresh concept to this discussion, we offer you a teenager’s bedroom filled with soft green and gray furniture. The cheerful ambiance can be felt as soon as you enter this bedroom.

Choosing the color green and gray in soft shades as the dominant colors, this bedroom makes everyone who comes into the room feels cozy and content. We love the idea of having the same shade of soft green for the wardrobe, mattress, and mini-fridge.

There is more to it than that. You can get more creative by putting artistic elements in this bedroom. To illustrate, the arched headboard is designed as it looks like a collection of Pantone colors.

From left to right, the Pantone colors headboard starts with shades of gray to shades of green. Further, the artsy look is enhanced by the vertical slat panels behind the bed. It’s also painted soft green to match the other green furniture in the room.

As it lives up to the teenage style, spelling your name for the decorations on the slat panels is also a brilliant idea. All these elements and colors team up to radiate a cheerful vibe in your bedroom.

9. Sophisticated Dark Gray Bedroom with a Long Lunar Green Headboard

A sophisticated dark gray master bedroom and curtain and a lunar green headboard
[A sophisticated dark gray master bedroom and curtain and a lunar green headboard. © trendir.com]

Are you more into darker shades of gray and green rather than vibrant colors like the previous ones? This inspiration might be for you.

This spacious master bedroom has gray as the room’s main color. It’s obvious as it’s seen how the room is surrounded by gray color. Starting from the dark gray accent wall behind the bed, the dove gray of the floor and carpet to the gray curtain.

Because it’s a gray theme bedroom, an additional color like green is needed to style up the room. A long curved and tufted headboard in lunar green is a perfect addition as it matches the mattress foundation.

These shades of gray and a touch of lunar green in a master bedroom bring out the sophisticated charm. This color combination also gives a sense of security and privacy, as seen through color psychology.

10. The Uniqueness of a Gray Bedroom with Neon Green “Green Bedroom” Scribbling

A unique gray bedroom with neon green scribbling on the wall
[A unique gray bedroom with neon green scribbling on the wall. © you-1]

We want to add another unique bedroom to the list we’ve mentioned a few times. Even though it appears like a common gray bedroom, this one has a distinctive element.

The fascinating part about this bedroom is the green neon scribbling on the wall that says ‘green bedroom.’ Even though the wall is painted green, the scribbling still pops against the wall because of its neon color.

Moreover, the shade of the wall leans more into Spanish green, a color with a gray undertone. The wall is also adorned with leafs-like decorations. This complements the green scribbling beautifully.

We also want to point out how several shades of gray for the bedding set become perfect complements to the Spanish green wall. What’s more, the green vertical slat panels with medium black dot decorations bring out the uniqueness of the bedroom.

11. A Wonderfully Matching Laurel Green Accents Wall and Wardrobe with Iron-Gray Bedframe in a Modern Bedroom

A modern bedroom with an iron-gray bedframe and laurel green wardrobe that matches the color of the wall accent
[A modern bedroom with an iron-gray bedframe and laurel green wardrobe that matches the color of the wall accent © restoringlansdowne]

White as a neutral color is perfect to be paired with any colors, including green and gray. If your bedroom wall is white, we have a tip, but you want to experiment more to avoid a simple look.

Pick one piece of furniture in your bedroom, then paint one side of your wall the same color as the chosen furniture. This tip doesn’t apply to the wall only. You can have a matching color for other things in your bedroom.

We’ll discuss these tips one by one. First, to give you an idea, look at the picture above. The wardrobe is colored laurel green. This color is also applied to make an accent wall behind the bed.

You can choose a bed with an iron-gray frame for the next one. If you pay attention more, even the tiny things like the wardrobe handle are colored in iron-gray with the same material.

This might be a trifle, but this color-matching tip will make your bedroom look wonderfully pretty, which prompts you to be cozy to stay and rest.

12. A Sage Green Bedroom with Light Gray Wardrobe for a Soft and Pretty Ambience

A pretty bedroom wall painted in sage green is paired with the light gray wardrobe
[A pretty bedroom wall painted in sage green is paired with the light gray wardrobe. © davinchilifesytle.com]

Lastly, we bring back a refreshing vibe from the green bedroom. Soft and light shades of colors never fail to make your bedroom appeal prettier.

Having the wall colored in sage green, this bedroom is delightful to look at. It appears beautiful, but it also makes everyone who steps in feel content and peaceful to stay.

This is due to the characteristic of green sage that has a calming effect. Sage green is a color that has a grayish silver hue. Consequently, it also harmonizes well with the light gray furniture in the bedroom.

The light gray of the wardrobe, mattress, and bed foundation work harmoniously with the sage green bedroom wall. This way, the overall look of the bedroom is visually lovely.


At first, a combination of green and gray in your bedroom must be your last choice. But, after reading this article, we’re confident to say that applying these two colors to your bedroom climbs to the first thing you would do when you decide to revamp your bedroom!

Aren’t we right? This combination is versatile and timeless. Both colors are associated with nature. For this reason, they radiate a calming effect that helps you rest peacefully in your bedroom. So, are you feeling inspired enough after reading the 12 green and gray bedroom ideas above? We certainly hope so! Picking green and gray for your bedroom is the best choice for creating such a pretty look and peaceful atmosphere.