Creating a clean and bright bedroom with white color and a little touch of pink

14 Stunning Pink and White Bedroom Ideas You Will Love

Do you ever wish to create a bedroom with white and pink? When it comes to white color, the impression it gives is usually clean, pure, or simple. Meanwhile, pink is usually pictured as cutesy, sweet, or gentle.

But do you know when the two colors are combined, it can make a good combo? Surprise, surprise, the duo can create different bedroom vibes and looks!

Stunning Pink and White Bedroom Ideas You Will Love

We think you would agree that a bedroom is supposed to be about comfort and pleasure since it is your last stop after running through the hustle and bustle. Hence, it is wise to create a bedroom that suits your preference.

Don’t worry! This time, we will dig deep about how white and pink colors can be worth your experiment to create your personal bedroom. Whether it’s soft, simple, or fun, it’s all here, so scroll down to find your style.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

1. White Wall and Pink Decor for a Balanced Soft Bedroom Look

A balanced soft bedroom looks with white wall and pink decoration
[A balanced, soft bedroom looks with white wall and pink decoration. ©]

Let’s start off with the simple one! Take a note, going simple doesn’t mean being boring. Simple, in this case, means to paint the entire room white to show off the basics of simplicity, which is clean, pure, and neat.

To scale up the atmosphere, balance it with the decorations. From the picture above, it is clear that this shade of color completely makes the room sweet and soft.

The embodiment of pink in a unique standing lamp, the bedsheet, and the round chair support the tender vibes. On the right side of the room, there’s this magazine rack made of copper, and the color somehow looks like a part of the pink department.

Don’t forget the existence of this 19th-century vintage French door, which makes the statement yet still aligns with a soft look, along with the candles to make it warm.

2. White Dominated Bedroom with a Pink Touch, Staying Clean and Bright

Creating a clean and bright bedroom with white color and a little touch of pink
[Creating a clean and bright bedroom with white color and a little touch of pink. © Filip Sapojnivoc]

Well, well. The second idea of appearing clean is here. In this case, we’re underlining the white color more. In the picture shown, the staircase to get to the bed already sticks out, and the presence of big windows also does its job nicely.

The direct lights get into the room to make it bright. So, to paint your room white is enough. The job is to pick the right furniture to support the clean and bright concept. Don’t worry, we will provide it for you.

The dusty pink grasshopper floor lamp and the light pink velvet chair are perfect for your reading or chilling time on the left side. The pink wool rug is placed at the end of the bed to soften the room.

And then, there’s the copper night table which shines and looks flashy. Lastly, put a painting with a pink accent, so the white wall doesn’t look empty.

3. Embracing Old and New Bedroom Design with The Strong Pink and White

Pink and white color for combining the old and new bedroom design
[Pink and white color for combining the old and new bedroom design. © Paul Massey]

Do you know that your vintage Georgian bedroom can be a total match with a bright color? Here we provide the proof. The peach pink wall has changed the room’s atmosphere to warm.

Also, it brings out the contrast with the presence of the wooden canopy bed. This type of bed and the wooden buffet table lamp embrace traditionality.

With all these colors, the existence of white successfully carries the whole look for not being too much. The door on the right side and pictures in white framed on the left balance the look.

The white drape above the bed and the broken white headboard are also doing the same. This happens because the color does its job nicely of being neutral.

Pick the soft pink egg chair to bring out the modern bedroom style for completion. Thus, the old and new designs can get along in one line.

4. From the Plain White to the Pink Rug, a Bedroom Inspiration for Bohemian Enthusiasts

A bedroom idea to create a bohemian-inspired look with white wall and pink patterned rug
[A bedroom idea to create a bohemian-inspired look with white wall and pink patterned rug. © Simon Bevan]

For the bohemian fans, buckle up because this is your turn! Boho, shorts for bohemian, is pictured as having free-spirited and unconventional energy.

And when it comes to interior design, it means mixing and matching between colors, textures, and patterns. Even it often comes to do with layering and what’s so-called maximalism.

As you can see in the picture, the patterned pink rug easily works in this theme where it stands out just like how boho is supposed to be. Another point is the presence of rattan materials, which is what the bed is made of.

The multiple pillows and layered blankets help this idea on the bed itself. The thing is to choose the right colors, which we already provide: blush pink, white, and mustard.

Another thing to note is the choice of decorations since this one is also of the bohemian core. Some say the more, the better.

In this case, the handmade macrame hanging on the wall in broken white color and the woven tapestry is a must to make it more into the style.

Those two decorations rhyme with the white wall, contrasting the wooden ceilings that give off an unfinished look. Also, placing multiple handmade baskets around the room makes it more interesting.

Don’t forget that you can also add unique furniture that suits you, as in the bedside table and the hanging chandelier, to keep the authenticity. Remember that bohemian is about your very personal vibe and energy.

5. Pink Door for the White Wall, Soften Your Bedroom Yet Staying Simple

Staying simple yet still soft by placing a pink door on the white wall
[Staying simple yet still soft by placing a pink door on the white wall. ©]

Modern, minimalist, yet subtle. Those came into our minds the first time we saw the picture above. The sleek white wall gives off a minimalist look since this style leans on the basic colors, which are clean and neat.

Meanwhile, the touch of pink decorations turns the bedroom more into the tender side. When you look carefully, this bedroom uses not too many shades of color, but it can play nicely when it’s the right one.

This pink primrose door is the room’s statement because it stands out from white. The armchair on the left side and the blanket for the bed choice. Which are in primrose pink and align with the door. Which shows how subtle those are all together.

The lamps used, standing and hanging, in rose-gold color, support the look to make it warm.  The black headboard and white night table give a minimalist look and blend well with the wall.

Choosing pictures with a mostly white background can be the choice when you want decorations yet stay simple. And lastly, don’t forget about the plants to freshen up a little.

6. Pink Wall in between Patterned White Wall for a Soft Bedroom Look

Pink wall and patterned white wall making a soft bedroom look
[Pink wall and patterned white wall making a soft bedroom look. © Olia Paliichuk]

It’s another soft vibe bedroom. We all know how pink makes things that way. But do you see this color can make a good pair with patterns?

In the picture shown, patterned white walls can be an option if you are bored with the plain white appearance. Make it zig-zag or brick-a-like, but both can work together nicely.

This trick plays well when you don’t want lots of decoration on your wall to stay simple, yet it serves as it is. And this is the best part; between the two patterns, the wall painted in blush pink enhances the new visual.

The bedding and the hanging lamp, which are still in the same tone, also work very well. The room gets softened, but the cleanliness is present.

The built-in white table near the window on the right side of the room shows the simplicity of not taking up too many spaces. When it pairs with a wooden chair, it makes it softer.

Last, let’s not ignore how the gray rug matches the bed and gives a neutral impression, yet it still helps to have a soft atmosphere.

7. Blush Pink All Over the White Bedroom, There’s No Such Thing as Too Much

White bedroom dominated by pink decorations
[White bedroom dominated by pink decorations. © Visable]

If you want a bedroom idea for your kids, this one is for you. First, put the luxury vinyl plank with glossy finishing as the base, so the floor will stay neutral.

Also, pick the major furniture in the bed, wardrobe, cabinets, and even the night tables in white color for a bright vibe. And the plays begin with the things you put on them.

In this case, choosing the pink color is always the answer. This shade can go well in every corner of the room in the form of some decorations.

Take a look at the bed area. The blush pink rug under it looks so lovely, which makes it a nice spot to put some dolls on or even a place for a playground. You can pick a dotted blush pink bed sheet on this single bed itself and match it with the curtains above.

In the studying area, the little pink accent on the white armchair looks good with the desk as if it’s a pair. The choice of a pink and copper lamp radiates warm energy, a need for a children’s bedroom.

Also, don’t forget the tiny little details, like the pink alarm clock, frames, and even multiple dolls here and there, to make the room full yet pleasing to look at.

8. Going Gentle with Pale Pink and White Bedroom Style

Pairing pale pink and white for a gentle bedroom style
[Pairing pale pink and white for a gentle bedroom style. ©]

We all know pink has so many shades of color, from the striking bright to the pale one. Even pink is identical for cute, fun, or maybe cheerful vibes; this color also can give you the calm and luxurious side.

And when paired with white, the elegance is what you get. Take a look at the picture above. The padded headboard in pale velvet pink stands out in the bedroom since it’s part of the wall.

Its existence contrasts the white wall on the left and right sides. The black and white marble floor with the gray wool rug is a minimalist look for its neutrality.

The white desk is chosen for a clean view since working in a less color will help stay focused. And this area also matches the ceiling color and style that support this idea.

Multiple LED lamps are present to create a dark and warm atmosphere. Last but not least, the hanging clear bubble chair is not only to beautify but also is a place to spend your free time.

9. Patterned Pink Wall, A Statement to Your White and Gray Bedroom

Patterned pink wall for a white and gray bedroom
[Patterned pink wall for a white and gray bedroom. ©]

Do you know that your child’s small bedroom can still look cute without too many decorations? The tip is to make one of the walls the highlight!

Here, as you can see, the pink zig-zag patterned wall stands out the most. What makes it even better is this also becomes the headboard. This is like making use of one thing for two.

If you want to add some but still hold onto the clean side, try hanging white-dominated pictures on the pink wall. You can also add some figures such as miniature elephants, dolls, or paintings.

This style applies color blocking, separating the bed with the white door and white wall on every side. Also, the presence of the gray rug under. The gray curtains can easily get together since gray is known for its versatility.

10. Colliding Shocking Pink and Classic White for A Bold and Refreshing Bedroom Look

Bold and refreshing bedroom look with shocking pink and white
[Bold and refreshing bedroom look with shocking pink and white. ©]

Are you tired from all the soft looks we showed you earlier? Now, it’s to fire up a little! This might be what you’re looking for.

This room still uses the color-blocking style, which separates the bed and the space in front of it. And because of it, you can get two different vibes in one room.

The bed area is dominated by white color, which gives off peace and calm from the bedding, the bedside table, the lamps, and the curtains. However, a graphic painting is a good choice to keep the contrast.

11. Pink Floating Cabinet Enhancing Your White Minimalist Bedroom

Enhancing white bedroom with the appearance of the pink floating cabinet
[Enhancing white bedroom with the appearance of the pink floating cabinet. © Konstantin Kildinov]

Yes, we are talking about pink and white in this article. But also, yes, both don’t always have to be the main focus. Now, take a look at the picture shown.

This bedroom is minimalist because of basic neutral colors, such as white and black. It’s applied to the bed, the bedside table next to it, and every side of the wall.

But it doesn’t stop there. There is also an industrial style with a brick exposed wall and wooden ceilings and floor.

And here is what makes it interesting, a very little touch of pink in the form of a floating cabinet. This addition has changed the vibe by offering warmth in the cool-toned room.

12. White Bedroom with Pink Headboard, an Everlasting Charm, an Everlasting Warm

Creating an everlasting look with a pink headboard in a white bedroom
[Creating an everlasting look with a pink headboard in a white bedroom. © Vladislava Torgonsky]

Everlasting charm and warmth. This means the choice to paint the room almost in white color. White is timeless. It will always be the trend, and you can always mix and match or leave it that way.

The patterns can be the savior to avoiding the monotone. The rapid horizontal lines on the left wall loosen one on the bed area.

Pick two types of curtains that can be the option. The sheer one lets the lights from the outside even when you close the window. So the warmth of the sun still reaches the room. And the gray one to block it completely when the night comes.

The bed with a pink headboard in a unique shape is the charm of the bedroom. This makes it as if you live in a birdhouse.

Along with the color-coordinated bedding and even the flamingo doll, it softens the look. There is also a built-in cabinet in a darker tone to store your things prettily.

13. A Pink and White Gallery Wall, Getting Creative with Your Bedroom

Getting creative with a pink and white gallery wall for your bedroom
[Getting creative with a pink and white gallery wall for your bedroom. ©]

Are you that Pinterest gal who likes to create mood boards in your daily lives? Familiar with an aesthetically pleasing bedroom? If yes, this is your turn!

Creating a mood board on Pinterest is such an interesting thing to do. It can remind you of things you want and your motivation.

What about moving what’s on your screen to your bedroom? The key is to pick the right posters and photographs and the right shade of color.

We offer you this suggestion to make it that way: put pink, white, and black on this gallery wall. The three colors will balance without making one stand out alone.

Make sure to arrange them nicely to prevent them from crashing. These color choices can also be applied to your bedding, blanket throws, curtains, and dresser area. The last touch is a gold night lamp to magnify the overall look.

14. Reddish Pink Decor And White Patterned Wall for a Strong Bedroom Visual

A strong bedroom visual with shocking red-pink decor
[A strong bedroom visual with shocking red-pink décor. © Francis Hammond]

There are way too many shades of colors and vibes that can come out of it. Mixing one with another has its own trick, so you won’t lose every spark.

Pink definitely has the moment these days. And in fact, it’s not only about softness and tenderness; it also seems interesting.

As you can see in the picture above, the bedroom sticks to its not many colors principle. Its base is as white as a canvas so that later you can start decorating here and there.

From the bed along with the padded headboard, the door, the built-in cabinet, the studying setting, and the entire room. This looks so light and bright.

Then, reddish pink in the room is a blast of contrast. It’s chic and vibrant, making the room look alive. This is definitely a go for its harmonious pairing!


Have you found what you’re looking for? Those are 14 ideas to decorate your room with white and pink as your base. Of course, these two will go together with the right shade and get along with various materials, such as woods or bricks.

White is all about making it clean, and pink is what you’re playing with. Make it soft, vibrant, playful, or bold, you name it! These also are applicable for multiple designs, such as minimalist, vintage, bohemian, and even industrial.

We’ve shown you all of them, and now, it’s your turn to makeover your room that suits your own personal preference!