Beige stone fireplace radiating a minimalist and modern look for the living room

11 Marvelous Stone Fireplace Paint Colors Ideas to Light Up Your House

Who can resist the presence of a warm and cozy living room? And what can make it go better? Right, the existence of a fireplace, more specifically a stone fireplace.

We all must agree on how a fireplace can light up the space and radiate comfort. This is designed to contain a fire within and framed with an opening at the front. That is why it warms the room around the room.

This is also usually placed in the living room, where people spend most of their time. Snuggling under the blanket; cozying up with the phone; reading favorite books, or having conversations with loved ones.

And with the fireplace on your side, it can definitely level up the whole experience.

Do you know that you can do more? Let us tell you, yes, you can!

The presence of the fireplace should go along with the whole look of your room. The clean and fresh, the elegant type, the minimalist, or the natural style. Make sure it suits you the best!

Marvelous Stone Fireplace Paint Colors Ideas to Light Up Your House

Now, how do you make it that way? Just simply play with colors!

Colors can be the solution when you want to build up, renovate, or do a little make-over, but the budget is tight. Colors can change the atmosphere when you want something new.

Also, colors are easy to apply, even on the surface of the stone fireplace. You can get the fireplace matched to your living room appearance and personal style with one move.

This time, it is about stone fireplace paint colors that we will dive deep in. So, it helps you choose what the best for you is.

With the ideas we have collected, we are now ready to share them all with you. Just scroll down; perhaps you will find what you are looking for!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. All White Paint Color with Touch of Green for A Clean and Fresh Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplace painted in all white with some greens creating a clean and fresh look
[Stone fireplace painted in all white with some greens creating a clean and fresh look ©]

Let’s start with the simplest and classiest color. You have to go for white if you don’t want too many colors in your room.

When it comes to white, the clean and bright are definitely what you get. As you can see in the picture above, this stone fireplace is perfectly covered with the purity of white.

This color’s cleanliness makes the stone’s surface special. It is easy how it acts as the background since it will not bother its surroundings.

Because of that, placing some decorations will not be a hustle since the white stone fireplace here is just like a canvas where you can play all you want, just like how you quickly place the gold mirror and the twin lamps.

The white color itself can increase the brightness of your room. Placing some green at the scene makes it shinier. It also gives off freshness, which prevents the room from being dull.

This chalk finishing of this white stone fireplace is a choice when cleanliness is a must; on the other hand, decorations are what you like!

2. The Cool-Tones Fieldstone Fireplace Radiating Coziness and Comfort

Creating a cozy and comfortable room with fieldstone in cool shades for a fireplace
[Creating a cozy and comfortable room with fieldstone in cool shades for a fireplace ©]

Fieldstones often look so raw because of their various shapes and shades of colors. And without a doubt, that is the charm of it.

As used in the fireplace shown above, the fieldstones, which are primarily in calm tones, serve some sense of ambiance.

Some are light beige, and some are darker. There is also a pinch of mauve colors. Next, the pop in this formation is the existence of the navy blue in between. With the proper placements of these colors, the fireplace looks stylish and creates a comfortable feeling.

The mauve stones give off a gentleness, while the navy-blue stones deepen the whole look. And the beige stones themselves are neutral between those two. Together they are serving the blend of coziness and comforts.

Also, the existence of some other furniture—the wooden floor, the choice of the rug, even the stools—is somehow color-coordinated with the colors of the fieldstones, so it rounds up the design completely.

This is definitely an idea you are looking for when you want various colors for your stone fireplace, but it’s muted and still brings up the coziness and comfort.

3. Light Gray Stone Fireplace and White Wall Color, Doubling the Brightness

Clean and bright living room combining the light gray stone fireplace and the white-colored wall
[Clean and bright living room combining the light gray stone fireplace and the white-colored wall. ©]

Next up! Let’s go for this soft, light gray stone fireplace. From what it looks like in the picture above, this fireplace is also made of fieldstones.

But if you are not into the rawness and nature of the fieldstones, the option of painting it is totally what you should go for. Our suggestion is to choose the color light gray, and it will magically turn both your living room and the firestone brighter than before.

Gray might not be as clear as white, but there is this vividness of this shade that will do its job on the stone perfectly. Moreover, it will add a calming effect to it.

Gray is also very versatile, so you can mix and match it with mostly everything. For example, the white walls between this fireplace help the whole appearance double its brightness, but it still stays firm nicely with the presence of a gray stone fireplace.

This gray-colored stone also tends to get along with lighter or darker things since it’s in the light to mid-cool spectrums. So, the decorations and furniture you want to pick can also vary in color.

Overall, light gray is the ‘It’ color perfect for a stone fireplace and makes it part of the design.

4. Dark Painted Weathered Edge Stone Fireplace, The Pop-Up in a Natural Color Room

Weather edge type of stone fireplace in dark color for a statement in a natural color room
[Weather edge type of stone fireplace in dark color for a statement in a natural color room. © Realstone Systems]

Weather ledge stones are natural stones well known for their ageless beauty. There are various types and colors, but the charcoal color has its unique side for this fireplace.

When your room is already in warmer colors—the beige walls, the natural wood cupboard, and even the floor—as seen in the picture, choosing a full dark color for your stone fireplace is clearly the wisest thing to do.

Charcoal color belongs to dark tones, which tend to create a mysterious look. Its existence on the surface of a stone fireplace here can be the statement of your living room because it simply stands out among the others. It also represents strength and looks sophisticated.

Sometimes, the fireplace can be more than coziness and comfort from the burning flames. But with charcoal color, it can also serve a complete boldness and beauty.

Overall, using this charcoal weather ledge stone, your fireplace is formed as being the ‘pop’ of your space without leaving the warmth feeling of it.

5. Gray and Brown Stone Fireplace Paint Color, The Combination You Definitely Need

Creating an un-monotone look with the combination of gray and brownstone fireplace paint colors
[Creating an un-monotone look with the combination of gray and brownstone fireplace paint colors. © Real Systems]

Alright, we are still in this weather ledge stones game. But now is for those of you who are bored with one single monotone color.

We might know; that stones tend to have their own textures and patterns. And sticking to this alone can make the room more vibrant already.

But do you know painting it with colors can strengthen this look? As you can see in the picture above, the combination of natural dark gray and brown colors of a stone fireplace can prevent it from being boring.

This happens because gray is a neutral color, which can be easily paired with other colors and things. And in this case, pairing it with a brown color shows off a unique look.

The gray stones deepen the look of the fireplace. It creates a neat yet luxurious look. While the brownstones act as the lighter—the earthy tone which lives up to the whole mood. Tucking this in some places is like adding a sprinkle of warmth to the cold of the entire stone fireplace.

Without needing too many decorations here and there, this stone fireplace in gray color with a little touch of brown can shine through beautifully.

6. Going All Warm with an Earthy Color Stone Fireplace

An earth color for a stone fireplace creates a warm ambiance
[An earth color for a stone fireplace creates a warm ambiance. © Realstone System]

We have mentioned this a lot, but we can’t help it. Because getting warm and warmer is how we define and feel about the fireplace.

The flickering flames inside the fireplace are core due to its function of radiating warmth all over the room. But what is interesting is how this can get more than that. And it is simply by painting the stone fireplace itself with earthy colors.

But, since painting with only one color can be too monotone, choosing a broad spectrum can be the way out of this.

Let’s do our job for you without working yourself. Burnt sugar, wheat, beige, and the touch of umber. Those are the shades you need if you want to pursue this painted stone fireplace idea, as seen in the picture above.

Each of these earth colors is mostly soft, showing how well this warm and warmer idea works for the ambiance. That one darker shade gives a flashy look to make the fireplace far from being dull.

Combining these colors as one stone fireplace completely complements the warmth. And without a doubt.

7. Pebble Stone Color Fireplace, A Playful Living Room in the Making

Creating a playful living room in white-dominated color with a pebble stone fireplace
[Creating a playful living room in white-dominated color with a pebble stone fireplace. ©]

Are you a fan of a clean living room? Clean here means the minimalist presence of decorations, making the room neat and wider. On the other hand, you still want to make it look attractive.

The answer is pretty simple. Get a fireplace with pebble stones installed in it.

Picking up the shades of pebble stones will make your fireplace the main character. The blend of various sizes and colors has attracted your eyes from the first time you enter the room.

Also, the natural shades of this type of stone are enough to make the white room more cheerful than before. The round shape of the stone gives off playful vibes, which makes the room more comfortable to stay in.

Since the stone fireplace is the focus, you don’t need to put some effort into the furniture you want. Make it in monochromatic scenes, so it easily complements the stone fireplace. It is a simple move, yet it has such a sophisticated look.

By then, the minimalist yet the playful living room is reached by the presence of a pebble stone fireplace!

8. Beige Painted Stone Fireplace for a Minimalist and Modern Look

Beige stone fireplace radiating a minimalist and modern look for the living room
[Beige stone fireplace radiating a minimalist and modern look for the living room. ©]

Most of the previous ideas are about the fireplace made of stones which shows the side of nature and rawness. Buckle up because it is about to be a bit different this time.

If you are a fan of minimalist and modern looks, color is an absolute part of the decision. As we know, this style tends to rely on simplicity and fewer colors involved.

In the picture shown above, beige color is chosen as the core of this living room. The stone fireplace painted with this shade creates a soft and comfortable feeling.

The dynamic of the warmth of the fire produced and the pampering beige color of the stone fireplace work together perfectly as the healer after your hard day.

Not to mention the materials used, the smooth surface of this stone makes it easier to paint, and the gap in between acts as the texture without even trying.

Moreover, this color itself belongs to the neutral shade with the ability to make the room more spacious visually, and it adds the comforts up even more. By this, you won’t feel trapped inside.

And if you feel like this beige color all over is way too dim and muted, just simply put a pot of green plants so it will freshen up the room a little!

9. Brick-Anew Stone Fireplace, Transforming the Common Paint Color

Transforming the common color paint for stone fireplace with brick-anew style
[Transforming the common color paint for stone fireplace with brick-anew style. ©]

The fireplace has been chiefly attached to the house since the first time it was built. Sometimes, it is made of brick stone, usually orange or reddish colors. And as time passes by, it tends to get dirty and less attractive.

It surely can be bothersome. Besides getting rid of it, which takes a lot of effort, doing some make-over by painting seems like the wisest thing to do.

Painting has always been the easiest and the cheapest way to transform your ordinary brick stone fireplace into a more visually pleasing one. Since the color of the usual brick stone might be way too old-fashioned, the important thing is to choose what right colors to use to make it stunning.

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! For this case, there is a kit called brick-anew, just like in the picture shown above. It’s not other than mixing some shades of color in one single stone fireplace.

If this is what you want, please write these down: twilight taupe, misty harbor, and frosted sunshine. Each color shows off a diverse range of atmospheres. It looks kind of old, yet it is not common.

The color of twilight taupe stones is all about relaxation. Misty harbor-colored stones radiate a tranquil ambiance. And the frosted sunshine stones are definitely about warmth.

Together, they will transform your stone fireplace from the ugly and common brick color into a new shade of beauty and modernity.

And for the tips, choosing the white mantle could also be an option, so it will be neutral for your gorgeous brick-anew-colored stone fireplace.

10. Coastal Blue Painted Stone Fireplace, The Color of Serenity and Peace

Building up a serene and peaceful ambiance with stone fireplace in coastal blue paint color
[Building up a serene and peaceful ambiance with stone fireplace in coastal blue paint color. ©]

Blue is all about serenity and peace. This shade of color is well known for that ability. And the stone fireplace itself, functionally, is to keep the house warm during the cold and harsh weather.

Thus, blending up the two definitely becomes the combo you can ask for. Just imagine the warmth from the flames and the peaceful feeling of the coastal blue color. Once you enter the room, the coziness is already served.

This coastal blue for a stone fireplace also offers a quiet space. Its muted finishing feels like dimming the noises around the room.

The presence of the golden-colored frame at the entrance of this fireplace helps enhance the whole look. Together with the coastal blue, they serve an extravagant yet elegant stone fireplace. When you light up the flames, they will shine beautifully.

As for the tips, choose as minimalist as possible for the decoration, so the room stays peaceful and serene. That’s because everything has been achieved by the coastal bluestone fireplace alone!

11. Going Natural with the Classic Brick Stone Color Fireplace

Getting the natural look for the room with the brick stone color fireplace
[Getting the natural look for the room with the brick stone color fireplace. ©]

For the last piece, we are going for a natural look here. And that means showing the nature and rawness of brick stones’ colors and textures.

The color ranges of brick stones are often orange-reddish or brown. And leaving as it is sometimes is maximizing its appearance too. Just easily let the natural beauty shine through.

The orange or brown color on the surface of the stone fireplace is definitely radiating warmth and some sense of comfort. If you are surrounded by it, the coziness is what you get.

If the look of brick stone is too ordinary for you, just try to go extra where the fire is burned. It’s a little different here. While the others are mostly open fireplaces, this one is the close style.

The black glass cover and the gold frame strike directly through our eyes. The whole set is the definition of well-polished and elegant.

Shape-wise, there is no mantle above; instead, it is a look-a-like bench where you can sit comfortably when it is too cold outside.

After all, even though it looks so raw, you can’t doubt the power of natural brick stone for the color of your fireplace since it will always be classic!


Out of the 11 stone fireplace paint colors ideas, have you found what suits your desire? There are multiple colors mentioned above, from classic and clean white, elegant beige, and peaceful coastal blue to various playful colors in one fireplace.

Every color we’ve shown can align with your mind’s theme. Whether you want to build a minimalist and modern style or even go for the nature of the stone itself.

With the right shade of colors, the look of your stone fireplace can do more than its original function because colors tend to radiate specific vibes and atmosphere, making your living room more comfortable.

The functional side of the fireplace is, all the same, to warm up the room and make it cozier, but the color is what makes it unique and reflects the owners.

We’ve shared all the ideas with you, and now, it’s your turn to renovate and do some make-over to your oldie fireplace to be more exciting and into your style!