Folding door style to help save space in a small bathroom

12 Dashing Small Bathroom Door Ideas to Maximize Despite the Size

Bathrooms are usually not as big as any other rooms. Sometimes it is too small and tiny. Sometimes it feels like squeezing us into it.

The same goes for the bathroom door itself. It is also usually smaller and slim. But do you know that choosing the right door can do more than its main function?

One thing to note is bathroom doors have to endure moisture and humidity. And another thing is how the appearance will blend well with its surroundings.

The door is not only about a partition between two rooms. It is not only about your opening and closing it to get into the next room. It is not only about you hanging some clothes and towels on it.

The door can be the key because it can enhance the look and feel like it is much wider and can make the bathroom a whole new make-over.

Various bathroom doors can do their main job and bring beauty with them. It is a common slim and high type, with or without patterns, sliding, folding, or pocket style. It depends on how you want it to be.

So, this time we will share what we’ve collected to help you choose what’s the best for the look and ambiance.

Whether you want it to be simple or unique, save some space, or stand-alone, please take a seat and scroll down. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for along the way.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. A Wooden Small Door with Lines Accent for Your Bigger Bathroom Effect

The line accent a wooden small door to create a large effect for the bathroom
[The line accent a wooden small door to create a large effect for the bathroom. ©]

Let’s start with the most natural yet stunning one. Right, the wooden door. This type always has to be one of your options.

With its original color, the wooden door is enough to complete a bathroom look. As you can see in the picture above, this dark brown tone easily blends well with the marble walls.

This is because cool tones tend to make a room neater and sleeker. And that is why even if it pairs with the lighter color of the marble walls, it doesn’t distract the whole look.

Don’t forget about the line accent on it. Lines, specifically the horizontal type, are famous for having the ability to make things look wider. This illusion trick is suitable for your bathroom, so the door has to be small.

If you consider this wood material, the tip is to choose the right type of wood. We suggest you go with a solid wood type. It can be made of softwoods like pine or hardwoods like oak.

Another thing to consider is the finishing to prevent the door from warping. Choose a laminated finish so it will endure the door’s longevity since we all know bathrooms are usually very humid and moist.

2. Patterned Black Bathroom Door, Staying Magnifique in a Small Size

A Magnifique bathroom looks with a small patterned black door
[A Magnifique bathroom looks with a small patterned black door. ©]

When it comes to black color, there will be nothing wrong coming. This color can make things stay classy and sophisticated. Even when applied to door bathrooms, the fact doesn’t change.

Black is all about being simple and minimalist. The existence of this prime color makes the bathroom stay dim, which is why simplicity is what we get.

Moreover, this dark tone is also applied to the bathroom walls and the floors. The combination supports the door color and creates a harmonious look.

If you don’t want it to be monotone, try adding some patterns as decoration, such as zig-zag or chevron patterns. This design easily enhances your door appearance without too much and makes it more modern.

This black-dominated room will also go well with other neutral colors, such as white and natural brown. The size of your space can be small, but this presence doesn’t prevent it from creating an elegant and Magnifique bathroom.

3. The Pocket Bathroom Door, The Small and The Useful

The pocket style of bathroom doors has a good side despite its small size
[The pocket style of bathroom doors has a good side despite its small size. ©]

Now, let’s move to space-saving more. If you don’t have much space in your room and a common conventional door is a hassle, this might be your answer. Right, just put a set of pocket doors into consideration.

This door type doesn’t require much because it doesn’t swing out or in when you open it. This even can nicely hide behind the wall.

As you can see in the picture above, this pocket door shows its good side because it prevents clashing with the switch lamps, so you can find them easily once you enter your bathroom.

This style which was famous in the Victorian age is not only a partition between your bedroom and your bathroom but can also make a chic and sophisticated look for its design.

Because if you look closely, pocket doors tend to have minimalist and firm lines on the frame, which is also appealing. Choosing the black and white combination is a specific option to support this idea.

If you are interested in this type, just make sure to always clean and lubricate, for example, the upper frame, to reduce the risk of problems.

4. Through the Frosted Glass, Enhancing Your Small Bathroom Door

Sliding door made of frosted glass to enhance the small bathroom door
[Sliding door made of frosted glass to enhance the small bathroom door. ©]

Still the episode of a space-saving model. Now, your eyes can focus on this type of door. Right, the sliding door.

But the main character in this scene is the gorgeous frosted door materials. Who would have thought that doors are made from wood or steel? Hear, hear! Glass is here to serve you a new appeal.

Choosing this frosted glass is an answer when you want some privacy. It is because it still has blur effects when using the bathroom. This glass has undergone a sandblasting process to serve this purpose.

One thing to note is the advantage of the frosted glass itself. It still keeps the lights in from the other room, so your whole bathroom can be brighter without losing your privacy.

From the way it looks, it might seem similar to the pocket door, but what makes it different is that it doesn’t need a full frame for it to function well. You can just easily install this door by hanging it on the wall.

This can save so much space since you don’t have to prepare the space for the swinging needs. Besides, you can perhaps use that for other furniture or simply hang clothes or towels.

In short, the frosted glass sliding door is fashionable and looks so posh that it easily creates an atmosphere as if you are in a hotel room.

5. Maximizing the Small Space with the Hidden Style Bathroom Door

The full height door style to maximize the small bathroom
[The full height door style to maximize the small bathroom. ©]

If you have the idea to build an invincible bathroom up for your home, now it is your turn to pay attention. A hidden bathroom has its own charms, and there are many ways to build this one.

As you can see in the picture above, we suggest you build up a full-height door that hits the ceilings. This trick can play a camouflage as if it is just a wall. It conceals what’s on the other side until you open it, and it’s actually an existing bathroom.

So, there is no doubt that this is a match when your home is small, and you want to make it wider. Even the full height itself can create the room look higher.

And choosing this double door style can save some space because the size of every door is smaller than a conventional door, so it doesn’t take up that much.

Don’t forget to paint it pearlescent white, which radiates the cleanness and brightens the room even more.

6. Simple Panel Small Door for A Simple Bathroom Look

Building up a simple bathroom look by using a set of small panel doors
[Building up a simple bathroom look by using a set of small panel doors. ©]

We are now hitting on another double-door style. But this time, it is about the classic panel design.

As we know, double doors can play a space-saving role in your room. Both doors are small in width, so they will not take up large space when you swing them open.

This might be a little traditional, but design-wise, a panel door style prevents you from having a boring plain door. This type is made by attaching square or rectangular panels together to create one whole door.

Also, many advantages stick with it, like it tends to last quite long and is waterproof, perfect for a room with high humidity. Not only about durability, but panel doors can also be maintained easily. You can just add a little varnish or paint coat.

As you can see in the picture, it’s enough to paint it white and add a little black accent on the knobs. And the result is it stays classic although it’s such a simple move.

7. Verona Oak Door with The Safety Glass for a Small yet Stylish Bathroom

The combination of oak and glass in the Verona style door for a stylish small bathroom look
[The combination of oak and glass in the Verona style door for a stylish small bathroom look. ©]

Once you look at the picture shown above, one thing that comes up can be: ‘what’s this stunning look?’ and we can’t blame you for that.

So now, let us introduce you to this one and only Verona-style door. The hourglass shape is so unique that it easily becomes the magnet of this door. It also gives off a slim size look suitable for a small bathroom.

The unfinished look shows the natural beauty of oak materials. Oak tends to create a warmth to your space because it has an undertone of yellow color.

And combining it with the safety glass in between helps to brighten up the room because of its ability to let the lights in. This type of glass itself also maintains privacy, so it will not bother your particular time here.

You can definitely adapt this door. Because together as a whole, this Verona oak door with a safety glass works very well by being functional just like conventional doors and stylish for the design.

8. Dark Gray Colored PVC Door, a Solution to Your Small Bathroom

Using a dark gray color for the PVC door to help create a spacious vibe in a small bathroom
[Using a dark gray color for the PVC door to help create a spacious vibe in a small bathroom. ©]

We all know from the start that bathrooms are usually small. And sometimes, there needs to be an extra effort to make it better and wider, for example, considering the door option.

The bathrooms are dominated by the cool-toned color gray in the above picture. Sometimes, this can be tricky because it mostly makes the room feel narrow and packed. So, it has to be the right shade of it.

We suggest choosing a medium gray for the door color to your light gray walls. Both are in the gray department, but to make it feel like there are many spaces, don’t combine the same exact colors and just try to blend it with its other shade.

This gray door is also a completion that it plays along with the monochromatic decor that’s already been there. These harmonious colors dim the room, so it doesn’t feel crowded.

Moreover, the horizontal lines engraved on it also create a wider effect. And material-wise, choosing a PVC door is advantageous too since this type is waterproof and lightweight.

Also, it is resistant to warping, fading, and rotting. So don’t be hesitant if you want to build a cool-toned bathroom since it will work just fine!

9. Saving Space with Folding Small Bathroom Door Style

Folding door style to help save space in a small bathroom
[Folding door style to help save space in a small bathroom. ©]

Folding style doors can always be there in your list of considerations. And we all agree on the fact. This type can be the alternative if you want something different.

Considering its practical side, this door will reduce space usage as it will only take half of the space when you open it. Right, it sounds just like the double door type.

But the design of this door is way more unique and practical as you can fold it and put it on one side. In the picture shown above, this is suitable when you want to build a bathroom placed near the staircase.

And making it a full height can create an illusion that it feels much more spacious when entering your bathroom. Also, if you look from the outside of it, it can be a replacement for being the wall.

This is because this folding door definitely conceals the bathroom itself. So, folding doors are perfect when there is not much space in your house.

10. Appealing Bathroom Door Look Despite the Small Size with Green and Unique Design

Green color with unique design for an appealing small bathroom door look
[Green color with unique design for an appealing small bathroom door look. © One Kindesign]

We were too focused on monochromatic schemes that we forgot there was something else appealing. So, calling out the colorful enthusiasts, please gather because this one is for you!

Creating a fun bathroom should be on your list since it will cheer you up once you enter the room. And the door is the first thing you notice that will leave an impression on you.

This green panel bathroom door is the answer. Green is known for being a fresh color; applying it to your door will radiate just the same. This will be pleasing to your eyes!

From the design side, the arc-shaped top is quite unique, as if we are entering a new dimension.

The plus point is that it is suitable when your one and only space for a bathroom in your attic! As you can see in the picture above, the attic is usually small and narrow; there’s this triangular-shaped roof.

In that case, you need an alternative idea of what kind of door will go along. And this slim and unique door definitely should be your pick!

11. Glass Style in Black Frame Sliding Bathroom Door, A Small Partition You Definitely Need

Using a sliding bathroom door in black and white colors to create a small partition between the rooms
[Using a sliding bathroom door in black and white colors to create a small partition between the rooms. © Edition de l’Arkhan]

Alright. Let’s assume you want to build a bathroom in your bedroom. So, the things to note are the tiny space left, and two, no extra privacy is needed.

And provided those facts make us agree to suggest this one, the simple yet chic sliding door as your option. As we know from earlier, a sliding door is an answer to a tiny space that doesn’t need a space for swinging.

And other than that, it is easy to get into the bathroom. It is perfect when you wake up and already have your morning urge; in a split second, you are already in. You slide, you enter. As easy as that.

This time is quite different. Since it is in your bedroom, it already has extra privacy from the front door. So, choosing clear glass is a perfect material.

What else can you ask? Clear glass can resist the humidity in the bathroom. It also ensures any water splash. You can just wipe it off, and the problem is solved.

It also makes the room a whole since there is no solid thing between the two rooms. The lights can come in, and the room is much brighter. Thus, it creates a spacious ambiance in the bed and the bathroom.

12. Patterned and High Blue Washed Door to Level Up a Small Bathroom Look

Patterned door in blue washed color to make a small bathroom look beautiful
[Patterned door in blue washed color to make a small bathroom look beautiful. ©]

The door is the first to encounter and the last to see. And exploring some patterns and designs is a way to make them stand out.

As you can see in the picture above, the unique patterns that look like multiple hand fans enhance this panel door. The color blue washed also goes along with the bathroom theme.

This color complements the marble walls and radiates calm and quietness.

In terms of functionality, this patterned panel door is the same as the conventional door in which you open and close it by swinging.

But, if you look carefully, it has a slim size in which the width is not too large, and the height almost reaches the top. Thus, this high door creates the illusion that your whole bathroom is more spacious.

So, by choosing this door, you definitely will not feel as if you are squeezed when you are in this room.


Those are 12 small bathroom door ideas that we have served only for you. Have you found what you are looking for? Multiple styles and designs are mentioned above, from the conventional single panel door, folding door, and even a set of sliding doors.

Every design we have shown you is suitable for building a small bathroom with a small door. Whether you want to stand out with colors or more into a save-saving mode with pocket or sliding door type.

With the right door, the ambiance in your bathroom can be spacious and wider. It also can be very chic and stunning.

Bathroom doors should handle humidity and endure water splash in terms of functionality. So, we also have prepared it with multiple materials choices, from the woods, PVC, and even two types of glass.

We have shared them all with you. And now, it’s your turn to pick which door style is suitable for your bathroom, exactly what you want and need!